My Happiest Moment

There is not only one happy moment in my life that I can share, but a lot of them that I am not even able to describe them with my words. If I talk about the happiest moment of life, it is when I have hangout with my friends for the first time in my life.

we shared the same interest. Seriously we really do believe that we belong to melaka, especially to me because tak pernah hangout with friends terutama nya tempat yang jauh dari hometown and tempat kami berlajar iaitu muadzam shah pahang.

We all have these moments in our lives and it is good to take time out every so often and reflect on them. Happiness can and does breed happiness, try it sometime.That’s why I shoot them down! I need a good camera to eventually take down the greatest moment of my life. And now lucky me, the Olympus is giving out the latest PEN series with the 'Happy Photography' contest
 Have you ever felt like you wanted to press pause on life to stay in a moment forever? We all know happy moments like that - as our first bicycle ride, a special birthday celebration, or just a crazy outing with your best friends. Olympus understands our need to make those moments last forever, and with its two new additions - the PEN Lite and the PEN Mini - to the Olympus PEN line of cameras, preserving happy moments has never been easier!
The compact and stylish PEN Lite E-PL3 is equipped with a 3.0-inch flip-out widescreen LCD monitor, expanding photographic flexibility, and the tiny PEN mini E-PM1 has premium quality image producing capabilities packed into an ultra-compact body that you can take anywhere.
Capturing sweet memories is no doubt important to you Nuffnangers, and Olympus is giving all you shutterbugs out there the chance to win these gorgeous cameras for yourself with the 'Happy Photography' contest! Head on to the 'Submit' tab for instructions on how to participate in the contest, where the five best entries will win:

Awesome prizes await, Nuffnangers! Select your best work, submit your photos online and not only do you stand a chance at winning these cameras, it is also your chance to share the wonderful stories your photos tell with the world.


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